2017 Charity Project


Last week I decided to approach a local rape/abuse/gender violence trauma and crisis center, I made an appointment and asked if I could see the place and learn more about them. A wonderful lady replied to my email welcomed me to come have a look.

On the day, I could see they were incredibly busy – probably one of only a few types of places where you wish they weren’t busy. But she showed me around and told me more about the center, I had doubts if I would have time to take on a project like this – but when I walked out of that building, I knew in my heart that God would make the time for me to be able to do this! But I need help, a lot of help – please help me gather the items I need!

I made 3 lists below – 1 contains some general items I’d like to supply the center with, the other 2 lists are for care packages that I’d like to make up. I need to make these myself so I can ensure each package contains the correct things – thus I would appreciate that all donations be given as is, no need to make them up into packages yourself. I will be working on sponsors for the bags & tags.

Below – please se the email that had already gone out to some of you:


Thank you for being willing to help me with this project, I appreciate it more than I can possibly express in words.

Below I will give you an indication of what I deem necessary and explain to you how the items will be utilised. If you’d prefer to make a cash donation, let me know – because the center is not allowed to ask for donations themselves, I will accept the donation and buy items on the list & provide you with the slip from the shop for your records.

You do not have to buy one of everything for the care packages – if you’d prefer to buy a box of soaps, that is wonderful! As I receive items, I will put the care packages together.

I will formally thank every person who donates something, on my website, my business and personal Facebook page – with photos of the donations and the the packages as we finish putting them together. If you make a donation as a business/company – please email me your logo – I’d like to include that on the formal thank-you’s.

(I will make up the packages personally, to ensure each package is complete with all necessary items.)


* 2nd hand women’s & children’s clothing – often the victims clothing has to be taken by the police as evidence or it is torn/soiled, then the center provides a fresh, clean set of clothing.
* New underwear for women, boys and girls – various sizes welcome.
* 10 new towels
* Tinned food to provide a meal to victims (for example: spaghetti, meatballs, baked beans ect)
* Cookies, coffee, tea, concentrated cool-drink (Sweet-O, Oros ect)
* 2 Minute noodles, cereal or porridge for children
* Colouring books & crayons
* 2nd hand teddybears or soft-toys in nice condition


Required items for children’s care packages:

* Toothbrush
* Toothpaste
* Soap
* Facecloth
* Haircomb | Hairbands | Hair clips
* A toy or teddybear
* Donations of shampoo, conditioner & body lotion can be made in large bottels, I will buy small containers and decant it – which will allow me to make up many packages from 1 or 2 bottles.
* Packet of sweets
Required items for adult women’s care packages:

* Toothbrush
* Toothpaste
* Soap
* Facecloth
* Sanitary towels (no tampons)
* Haircomb | Hairbands | Hair clips
* Deodorant roll-on or spray
* Donations of shampoo, conditioner & body lotion can be made in large bottels, I will buy small containers and decant it – which will allow me to make up many packages from 1 or 2 bottles.
* Packet of sweets

Please whatsapp or sms me (easier to keep track than phonecalls) if you have any questions or if you’d like me to pick up any donations – I will also provide my address to those who would prefer to deliver – 079 238 4398.

I will keep everyone who helps with this project updated on the progress and I will let you know when everything is ready to be delivered to the center. I will take photos of the packages and all donations & share them with you!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Janine Bronkhorst
079 238 4398

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