120 Care Packages!

This post is super overdue, but the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 has been a rollercoaster ride, so beter late than never!

Towards the end of 2017 I felt the need to put some of my time and energy into a project that would help my community. My good friend Chrisme suggested the local rape & domestic violence trauma center and after visitng them – I was sold! They do amazing work and deserves all the help they can get! But it takes a village…. and boy oh boy did my village come to the party!

It started quite slow, I worried a little and prayed a lot… but almost overnight the donations started piling up in my lounge!

I’ve waited so long to type this updated post, so I really hope I don’t forget anyone – if I do I apologise, I made the mistake of keeping track of donations in my head instead of on paper! Please let me know if I slipped up here, so I can add your name to the list – future projects I will be writing everything down, I promise!

Just saying “thank you” does not seem like enough, but I THANK YOU for helping me – by working together, we were able to make a big difference! None of us have millions in the back (unless some of you are holding out on me hehe) but we all took the bit of extra cash we could manage & together… we were able to put together 120 complete care packages! That is absolutely AMAZING! The center also received some random extra items left over as well as tinned food, cookies, noodles and quite a bit more!

I received a very heartfelt letter from them and they asked me to please say thank you to everyone involved – THANK YOU!

*Francois & Lelani du Toit – Salon Perfection

*Chane Vorster – Round Square Services (Pretoria)

*Dr Merle Adam

*Chrisme Oosthuizen aka Miss Mae Day

*Luhane Bonn & the people of Calvinia who contributated from so far away

*Elaine Eksteen for making sure our package from Calvinia arrived in Worcester

*Marlize Kellerman & Joanne Conradie & Benita van Wyk

*Lelani Keyser – Apple Graphics

*Serina Vermeulen – A1 Metal

*Charlene Swanepoel

*Elzaan Neethling

*Emtia & Wouter du Toit

*Christo Bronkhorst – Worcester Scrap Metal

*Esta Conradie

*Christelle Milne

*Madelein Slabbert

*Annelize Hugo

*Francois & Rina Kretsman

*Sonette Bronkhorst

*Lowynn & Aurelia Neethling

*Eden Ontong

*Merlijn Greyling

*Danelle Botes – Bergland Function Venue

*Liezel Odendaal

*Liezl van Loggerenberg

*Kim Bergins

*Annelize Loots

*Sr Heidi Jonker

*Marizanne Mcgregor – Myrr Photography

*Delouise Groenewald – Delouise Groenewald Photography

*Tanya Hartzenberg

*Lydia Swart

A special thank you to my mom Serina, who looked after our little girl Lea while all of these care packages got put together. And last, but not least – my husband Christo & Lelani’s husband Francois – who had to keep the coke & snacks coming! What we thought would take an hour or  2 – took quite a couple more!


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